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After re-reading my chapters to date and my work schedule clearing up a bit, I am happy to announce that work has begun on the twenty-forth chapter of Rin's Adventures. Depending on work and family, I hope to have the chapter ready for posting in one or two weeks. If anyone would care to help me in proofreading and advice for the chapter, that would be great, just send me a message.

To my loyal readers I can only say I am sorry for how I have been acting these last few months. All I can do is say I will try to change and work to regain the trust and loyalty I have so sorely tested. I truly hope my work can once again please you and that we can remain friends.

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Happy Birthday
gwadahunter2222 Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
happy birthday :dance:
love Rin's adventures!

If you don't mind me asking, Est. time until part 25?
you left it on quite the cliffhanger
Zomg hes back with more Rin's Adventures!
maelstrom14 Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Please don't stop writing, you do write quality stuff, I mean I write and it's not exactly top quality either but I'm still here, still learning and still going...just not as often. >.> anyways another reason why I came here was this...

:iconherpderpplz::iconsaysplz: Heppeh birfdei!
Now that I have a somewhat clearer view on situations, I was wondering - why indeed did you stop writing? I mean, all these people saying you're by far the best writer on Deviantart are obviously ignorant, or just sorely mistaken. It's a subjective opinion, of course, but come on, need I really go into that?

So yea, you're not the best thing that happened to DA, but you still write quality stuff, for a fan-fiction writer. And you can't expect to be born with talent, writing skill is usually something you acquire with practice. I can give you an example - ~Erogg, over the course of 3 years improved an unbelievable amount. And most of it in the past 6-7 months.

What I'm trying to say is - if you hadn't stopped, you could have improved a lot and that it's not to late to get into it again. Life's short, you gotta make the most of it, the less you wait - the better. Carpe diem, as a wise nation has said.

Well, this is all assuming you don't hate writing, which judging by the amount of time you invested in it that you don't.
You have the best stories ever
this is not an advertisement, I'm just trying to inspire you to write, like you have me. You are, BY FAR, the best writer I've seen on Deviantart. Now I don't wanna see any of this: "Well you're obviously a better write than me" or "I inspired this? I must be a terrible writer to inspire this crap". Nothing of that sort, you can try to bring me down, but let me tell you, I will not let you shoot yourself down anymore. The me that tried to help you four months ago has changed, the new me will not be passive, but aggressive to show you that you are wrong about your view of yourself. Just read it, possibly the series, and I hope it inspires you to start writing again. [link]

have a nice day, and also, +watch :)
If I was such a good writer my My Little Pony stories would actually get comments instead of people going in just to say they like Rin's Adventures.
I don't give a crap about comments anymore. And that counted as down grading yourself Boy. Now I haven't gotten to reading your MLP stories yet, I tried to yesterday but things kept coming up. Sometimes the best writers go unnoticed, life is cruel, it's as simple as that. I did see those hater comments and he was just being rude and mean at the wrong time. Now I'm no guidance Councillor, and nor do I want to be, just think of me as a drill sergeant trying to toughen you up. Rin's Adventures is an outstanding story, so it's going to be involved in some of you other stories, but you shouldn't be whining about stuff like that, either you embrace it, or just ignore it, simple as that
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